MP Santosh calls for saving vultures


Rama Krishna Sangem

BRS Rajya Sabha member and Green India Challenge founder J Santosh Kumar on September 2, Saturday called for efforts to saving endangered birds, vultures.  He made an appeal to people to this effect on the occasion of International Vulture Awareness Day, on September 2. His tweet posted at 10.30 am, got by 6.30 pm, as many as 3,564 views and 146 likes.

“In awe of our ecosystem’s unsung heroes on #InternationalVultureAwarenessDay. These magnificieant scavengers, many critically endangered on the #ICUNRedlist, play a crucial role in maintaining healthy ecosystems. Yet, they often go unnoticed and underappreciated. Let’s change that narrative and give vultures the recognition they deserve! @VulturesMatter, #EcoHeroes.” he tweeed.

An apt reminder of our own vultures, part and parcel of Indian subcontinent’s people’s lives and culture. If we look at our epics and literature, they are full of birds, majestically included vultures. Many communities especially parsis have a special place for vultures in their religious rites. Still, these birds are on the verge of disappearance or extinction. Efforts are underway by many organisations to save them.


Alarming situation

Nature lovers all over the world are worried over fast decreasing number of Indian vultures –  which have a special place among vultures on the planet – due to various reasons. The UK based IUCN (International Union of Conservation of Nature) put vultures in red list, meaning their endangered status. We need to provide them with food, shelter and breeding spaces. Hope this call of Vulture awareness will work.


Mood setting pics on Sunday!


Santosh posted four pictures as part of his #WeeklyDoseofPhotography this Sunday September 3. A lovely peacock from behind looks so majestic while other little birds on greenery add backgrounds to a rainy morning. Within an hour after posting on X, they got 1,200 views, over 100 likes! Birds are the first ones to cheer any drizzle or rain in a scorching spell.

Rama Krishna Sangem

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