MP Santosh clicks Indian Pied Myna this Sunday


Rama Krishna Sangem

BRS MP J Santosh Kumar continued his #SundayPhotograph this week too and clicked Indian Pied Myna, a commonly sighted bird in Hyderabad. The 4 pics of this bird he tweeted tell us presence of great biodiversity in and around the city. The bird known for its great survival skills is seen on ground searching for amid greenery. By evening, this tweet got 2,718 views, 139 likes and 30 retweets.

Santosh has been posting photos of nature, wildlife and birds for the last several Sundays, apparently to generate awareness among public about environmental protection. It’s heartening to note that these pics are evoking enough response from people and most like them. The MP is the founder leader of Green India Challenge (GIC) that spurs many celebrities and youth to plant trees on every special occasion of theirs.

Santosh took an initiative to call for planting saplings on the recent unveiling of Dr Ambedkar’s 125 ft, tallest in India, statue on the banks of Hussain Sagar lake in Hyderabad by CM K  Chandrasekhar Rao (KCR) on April 14.  This is a unique way of paying tributes to the chief architect of Indian Constitution, whose love for nature is well known. “Those who want to meet should plant a sapling before that,” was the call of Dr Babasaheb.


Mynas, great survivors

Indian Pied Myna, captured by Santosh tell us a story. Mynas are known for their mellifluous sounds – some call it sweet music. There are versions doing rounds that these birds can be trained to mimic human voices too. At the same time, they are also great survivors. Right from breeding to nesting to food collection, mynas, though small in size and haulage, dominate many other birds.

So sad that their ability to mimic human voices leading people to cage them and trade too. Some bird lovers are fighting to save them from holding them captivity and trade. Some tribes in North East worship them treat as human in the past birth. Sanotsh’s pics got some comments calling for keeping water in small vessels during summer so that birds can be saved from scorching sun. Good idea, to protect our winged friends!



Rama Krishna Sangem

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