Pak PM Imran Khan’s maiden visit to Moscow

Imran Khan, Putin

Rama Krishna Sangem

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s maiden 2-day visit to Moscow on February 23 and 24 assumes significance from India point of view. This is a first visit by a Pakistan PM to Russia in the last 20 years. Till now, Russia is a staunch supporter of India on the Kashmir issue. Pakistan never enjoyed greater support from Russia all these years.

In fact, Pakistan is angry with Russia from the days of Soviet Union as it fully backed India in 1972 war which resulted in formation of Bangladesh. Then, the US was with Pakistan. Now, India has built great relations with the US. To make up that loss, Pakistan wants to come closer to Russia, which is a defense partner of India.

There is a third and bigger force behind Russia entertaining Pakistan – that is China. Only a few days ago in February, Russia President Vladimir Putin visited Beijing and congratulated China for hosting Winter Olympics, which are boycotted by the US. There, Putin and Chinese strongman Xi Jinping held lengthy talks and issued a joint statement.

Though the statement didn’t mention any other country, particularly India, made it clear that Russia and China are not happy with the US. China fully backed Russia in Ukraine crisis. Russia says their troops had to be deployed on the Eastern borders of Ukraine as it plans to join the US led NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization).

The US says Russia is trying to occupy Ukraine. But, Russia says the US is trying to expand NATO by admitting Ukraine into it. On this issue, China is with Russia. The US says Beijing is trying to invade Taiwan, a breakaway country from the mainland China since 1949. But China says the US is trying to interfere in its right to claim back Taiwan..

India has every reason to be concerned about Imran Khan’s visit to Moscow. If Pakistan comes closer to Russia, India may lose clout with Moscow. But, Russia is not happy with India getting closer to the US, and joining Quad. China says Quad is aimed against it. If the US builds Quad with India, Australia and Japan, China wants to bring Pakistan closer to Russia, as a counter move.

There may not be a war on Ukraine as of now. But, the escalated tensions in the region are sure to hike the prices of oil, thus causing global inflation. PM Imran Khan may not achieve any great results from Russian leadership in this visit. But, this visit itself is a great result for Pakistan. India is not panicky about this visit, but we are watching with concern the things going on.



Rama Krishna Sangem

Ramakrishna chief editor of excel India online magazine and website

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