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TRS senior leader and Telangana State Planning Board Vice-Chairman Boinpally Vinod Kumar has said that Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao (KCR) sees political consultant Prashant Kishor (PK) as a professional and his services would be used for the ruling party’s election purpose. Vinod’s comments assume significance in view of PK’s two day talks with CM KCR in Hyderabad last weekend.

Vinod Kumar spoke to Excel India on the eve of TRS 21st plenary at HICC Grounds in Hyderabad on April 27, Wednesday. Asked about PK’s discussions with KCR on April 23 and 24, Vinod Kumar said: “As far as we are (CM KCR) concerned, he (PK) is a professional, whose I-PAC (Indian Political Action Committee) offers professional political services. We want to utilize such services, there is nothing wrong”.

Boinpally Vinod Kumar, former MP who represented Warangal and Karimnagar earlier, was present at CM KCR’s talks with PK this weekend as well as their previous meetings in Delhi in the last two months. Vinod made it clear that CM KCR would not be depending on PK for any sort of alliances with other political parties at the national level.

KCR is capable of taking right decisions at the right time, there need not be any confusion on this aspect,” said Vinod. Some more excerpts from the interview:

What is the significance of this TRS 21 st plenary?

Nothing particular significance. This is an annual affair as we conduct our plenary every year on this day. We meet and deliberate various issues just as we did in our previous  plenaries.

What is the purpose of CM KCR’s prolonged stays in Delhi since February 28? He is holding talks with many leaders there, what is going  on?

In fact, most of his (KCR) visits to Delhi are related to his personal health issues, like dental problems or eye related matters. He has been consulting and taking treatment from some doctors in Delhi for the last 20 years. There is nothing specific about these medical consultations. KCR may have met some national leaders during those visits to Delhi, that’s all.

Elections to the Assembly are just around (end of 2023). Is anti-incumbency a problem for you?

Of course, that may be there, but KCR as CM has far exceeded the expectations of people in the last eight years. He fulfilled almost all election promises and launched many new schemes. Some more schemes are being launched soon. So, there is no anti-incumbency to KCR. Haven’t wee seen, how veteran CPI (M) leader Jyoti Basu won successive elections in West Bengal for 30 years? It will be the same in Telangana too.

How about MLAs, who must have faced anti-incumbency in  the last two terms?

Yes, that is an issue. As we talked about, winning a third term in the Assembly is not an easy challenge. We want to win the third term and we will win too. For that, KCR will tough decisions, if necessary. (Here, Vinod hinted at CM KCR taking hard decision on replacing some sitting TRS MLAs in the next elections, though he hasn’t specified details).

But, our leader (KCR) will do it without hurting our sitting MLAs. They (those who replaced) will be suitably rehabilitated in other posts.

How can PK join Congress and still help TRS?

I think, so far, he hasn’t joined Congress yet. Even if, we are not concerned about his political choices. We will utilize services of his I-PAC.

Why do you need the services of I-PAC now?

This is a common practice for us (TRS) to take the services of some professional political consultancy for the last several elections. We have hired such agencies in the past too, though they may be small in size and stature. We need to know the performance and image of our MLAs in each constituency, in an unbiased way. This I-PAC people are known for their higher quality of services in such matters. This is a routine affair.

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