BJP questions Rahul-Soros-Jamaat Islamist links

Smriti Irani

Rama Krishna Sangem

BJP’s union minister Smriti Irani on June 28, Wednesday, questioned how Congress senior leader Rahul Gandhi during his recent US visit closeted some anti-India groups. She alleged that Rahul met with Sunita Viswanath, an aide of American billionaire George Soros and some Islamist groups links with Jamaat e Islam which in turn have connections with Pakistan.

Smriti Irani addressed a media conference at BJP headquarters in Delhi on Wednesday and flashed two photographs in which Rahul was seen in a meeting with Sunita Viswanath, an activist of Hindus for Human Rights in the US. She is believed to be  getting funds from George Soros. This Hindus for Human Rights is an outfit that fights against Hindutwa of BJP and PM Modi’s anti-minorities policies in India, Irani said.

The union minister alleged that everyone in India knows that Soros, world’s one of  biggest philanthropists and promoter of Open Society, is known for his anti-India sentiments.He wants to check India’s growth. He funds anyone who opposes India,” said Irani. “If everyone knows this, can we expect Rahul Gandhi doesn’t about it?” asked Irani.

Rahul, in another photograph, is seen during his Bharat Jodo Yatra, walking with some Muslim leaders funded by Soros. The union minister alleged that a person Ansari, who had organised Rahul Gandhi’s meetings in America was knwon for his connections with Jamaat e Islam, which has links with  Pakistani groups. “This gentleman Ansari is part of Islamic Circle North America,‘ said She. Even US Congress has passed a resolution against t his Circle.

This Circle has links with Jamaat e Islam which has connections with Pakistan. Smriti Irani wanted to know why Rahul has stooped to this level for the sake of power. “These groups (Soros and Jamaat) not just want PM Modi to go, but to weaken India and destabilize elected government in India,” said the union minister. A similar allegation was also leveled against Rahul by BJP’s IT Cell.


Congress questions “Dirty Drones deal” with US

On the other hand, Congress too leveled an allegation against PM Modi for entering a deal with the US for purchase of 31 defence drones – worth 3 billion US dollars (close to Rs 25,000 crore). The party said that there were other drones in the world market at cheaper price. But, the government hasn’t called for global tenders or study price variations before signing the deal. For Congress, this drones’ deal is like another Rafael scam.



Rama Krishna Sangem

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