Good, Prez Murmu spoke on Parl controversy

Rama Krishna Sangem

Good that President Draupadi Murmu has spoken about the controversy surrounding her not being allowed to inaugurate the new parliament building on May 28, Sunday. The building was opened by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. As many as 21 opposition parties haven’t attended the inaugural ceremony that spanned the whole day and speeches by many dignitaries including Murmu.

At the same time, as many as 25 political parties including ruling BJP took part in the ceremony that included installing a “Sengol” historic scepter of 1947 time relic, symbol of good governance in ancient India. Opposition parties led by Congress have protested against President Murmu being kept out of the inauguration and termed it as an insult to “an Adivasi woman”.

We, at Excel India, in a story on this website on Sunday urged the President to speak out on the controversy and clear the air. I said, instead of a historian or a biographer sometime in future writing about how Murmu felt about the episode, better the president herself set the record straight now itself. We tagged  the story to Rashtrapathi Bhavan’s twitter handle.

After listening to her message at the inauguration ceremony which was read out by Rajya Sabha chairman Harivamsh, we cannot but appreciate President Murmu for speaking out on the issue. She is courageous and upright to talk about a row involving her role in a Government of India’s function – that too inauguration of new parliament building, a once in a century event.


PM Modi, symbol of elected government”

President Murmu in her message said:The Constitution makes envisaged a nation that is run by a democratically elected representatives of people of India. I am deeply satisfied this symbol of faith in parliament.. the Prime minister of India is inaugurating this parliament”. She also said that the new parliament would strengthen the unity  and pride of its nation.

These words are enough to know her mind on the issue. So, there won’t be any scope for further controversies on the topic, involving President Murmu. Though the President of India’s customary speeches – like her address to the joint  session of parliament etc. are cleared by the Centre, other non-customary speeches are dictated by the first citizen of India only. Anyhow, President Murmu sided with the Centre, but cleared the air on the row. 

Rama Krishna Sangem

Ramakrishna chief editor of excel India online magazine and website

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Good, Prez Murmu spoke on Parl controversy

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