Mandir in UAE: What it means to Modi?

Abu Dhabi mandir

Rama Krishna Sangem

Much awaited Hindu temple in the Arab country of UAE was inaugurated through the hands of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Abu Dhabi on February 14  The mandir is built by the Swami Narayan sect of Hindus based out of Gujarat. This sect has about 1,200 templs across the world. They believe Guru Swami Narayan is still alive through generation of their order.

What caught the attention of everyone is not the importance of this temple. But its location in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and its inauguration through the hands of PM Modi. It is not without significance that many of the UAE’s top leaders were present at the temple inauguration ceremony and won praise from the Swami Narayan order seers for the administration’s cooperation in completing its construction as per the plan.

Built at a cost of around Rs 950 crore on an area of 27 acres in land scare Abu Dhabi, this temple of Swami Narayana stands example to the diplomatic push from the Indian government led by PM Modi. It is accepted that unless there is a political will or follow up, the UAE government wouldn’t have agreed to cooperate for the construction of a Hindu temple in a country that declared itself as Islamic nation.


PM Modi as Hindu icon

There is a general perception among Indians within the country and those living abroad that PM Modi today stands as an icon of Hindu leadership at the international level. Earlier there were fears that Islamic countries world over may not take it kindly to see construction of a Ram Mandir at Ayodjya.  But, that has happened peacefully as the entire world watched in awe.

January 22’s  Ram Mandir consecration has definitely consolidated Modi’s image among Hindus all over the world. Even liberal media like The Economist, Washington Post  and Time which often describe PM Modi as Divider In Chief etc had to grudgingly admit that he would get a third term in 2024 general elections. Now western media has almost reconciled to a BJP led government this summer.

Then, what about Pakistan and China? The recent elections in Pakistan have conveyed a clear message – that Pakistan people are scare of their army and prefer a  functioning democracy in their country. Functioning democracy means where all systems – parliament, judiciary, executive and media – work freely and professionally. Of course, army will do its duty, but not dictate who should be the PM or form a government.

Modi’s successful opening of a Ram temple at Ayodhya and another Hindu temple at Abu Dhabi say that he is capable of asserting his Hindu identity while winning over the confidence of all nationalists. The peaceful cooperation of Muslims to his policies establish him as a leader for all. Of course, political differences will be there, but not a level of disregarding constitutional provisions.

The next government in Islamabad which is likely to be formed with the joining hands of Sharifs and Bhuttos is sure to take into consideration the ground reality of living peacefully with India. For China, India cannot be brushed aside as a nation of just imperialistic forces’ agent.  Modi’d leadership has almost consolidated nationalist forces in India just as in China.

So, these two temples convey the same message of  strong leadership of PM Modi to the domestic and foreign audience.


Rama Krishna Sangem

Ramakrishna chief editor of excel India online magazine and website

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