PM Modi wins NoTrust motion, amidst Opposition walkout

PM Modi

Rama Krishna Sangem

As expected, the no- confidence motion brought against Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Council of Ministers in Lok Sabha, was defeated by a voice vote, amidst walkout by Opposition INDIA front on August 10, Thursday night. Though the outcome of the no trust motion is well known as the ruling NDA combine has enough numbers, the three day debate saw a lot of fireworks as general elections are just 9 months away.

PM Modi launched a scathing attack against Congress, particularly against Rahul Gandhi for his recent comments against “Bharat Mata” and using “Manipur violence for narrow political ends”. In his over two hours long speech in Hindi,  Modi turned LS into a gallery by giving slogans to his MPs, on a range of issues, exposing Congress misrule either in the Northeast or Manipur over the decades.

As Opposition MPs too stared shouting against Modi, at one stage, the LS into pandemonium, forcing Speaker Om Birla to calm down members from both the sides, saying he won’t allow sloganeering in the House. The opposition INDIA front brought this no trust motion primarily to corner the government on Manipur issue where violence is raging for over three months.

But, PM Modi’s comments on Manipur came only after the Opposition members walked out in the last 45 minutes. “We are all deeply concerned about what is happening in Manipur, and I say, peace will return there very soon. Both the Centre and state governments are working together to restore peace in Manipur. The courts too are on the job of solving all issues there,” said Modi.


Modi Cocksure of winning 3rd term

Modi made light of opposition’s challenge to his government saying that its members haven’t done home work or come prepared to the debate in the last three days. “When they bring another no confidence motion against us – NDA – in 2028, I wish they come well prepared,”  said, he, hinting that Congress will have to sit in opposition for another five years.

The PM reeled out numbers and details of all his achievements in the last nine years of his government and predicted India will become World No 3 largest economy. “Poverty is coming down, we pulled as many as 13.5 crore Indians out of poverty and are on the way to do a lot more in the coming years too,” said Modi. But, Congress is jealous of his growth and achievements.


“Jhoot Ke Bazar main, Loot ki Dukam”

Modi teared into Rahul Gandhi’s recent speeches where he claimed to have opened – Nafrat Ke Bazar main,  Mohabbat Ki Dukan” (Shop of love in the street of hatred).  But, the PM said, actually he opened a “Loot Ke Dukan in “Jhoot ki bazar” (shop of loot in a street of lies).  Modi also ridiculed that this leader (Rahul) has been relaunched by his party again and again.

PM Modi also attacked INDIA coalition of opposition parties for changing their name for fooling people. “They have killed UPA and renamed their front as I.N.D.I.A – by cutting India into pieces.  But, they cannot call themselves as India but as Ghamandia (meaning arrogance). They just added 2 “I”s to NDA to make it INDIA. One “I” is arrogance and second “I” is dynasty,” said the PM.

Finally, Speaker Birla put the motion moved by Congress MP Gaurav Gagoi for vote at 7.30 pm. But, the opposition MPs have already left the House, there is no one to press for division of vote. So, the speaker declared the motion is defeated by a voice vote.


Rama Krishna Sangem

Ramakrishna chief editor of excel India online magazine and website

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