Scaly breasted munia on MP Santosh lens this Sunday

Scaly breasted munia
Santosh J
MP Santosh


Rama Krishna Sangem

BRS Rajya Sabha MP J Santosh Kumar this Sunday, October 8, captured four birds including a Scaly breasted munia e on his camera as part of his #WeedkyDoseOfPhotography.  He, founder of #GreenIndiaChallenge, has been posting pics of nature and wildlife, mostly birds for the last several months. The Asian Green Bee Eater, Copper Smith barbet and small minivet are the other three birds’ photos Santosh posted on X.

The huge popularity of his images is evident –  posted at 7.30  am, they got as many as 6,476 views, 253 likes and 52 reposts by evening. At a time when we all are drowned in other worldly matters like politics and sports, it is heartening to see pictures of nature and environment. The pics of birds posted by the young MP prompt youth to devote their time and attention to the matters of nature and environment.


Munia needs our help

Of all the four birds of this Sunday, this lovely scaly breasted munia needs our help – as it is caught in the pet trade across the countries. This bird is mostly seen in India and other Asian countries and up to Australia. Belonging to a family of around a dozen sub-species,  this scaly breasted munia looks beautiful and agile. Some are with spots and others with stripes. 

They live on grass seeds, berries and tiny insects too. They are known or their social life –  move and hover around in groups. Some articles say, they travel far away distances in groups. If you can see a munia, there must be a dozen or more around. They are classified as least concern category of species,but the main threat is from humans – who capture and trade them. 

Like our doves, they too symbolize peace and love, but that poses a problem to them – as humans catch the for some rituals. Better, we educate our children to keep them free, to fly.  Santosh’s efforts of this weekly photos of nature too would be fruitful, if we can understand their presence in our green environs.


Rama Krishna Sangem

Ramakrishna chief editor of excel India online magazine and website

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