VC Dr Neeraja: “Future is of Intellectual Property Rights”

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Rama Krishna Sangem

Dr B Neeraja Prabhakar, Vice Chancellor, Sri Konda Laxman Telangana State Horticultural University  said that in future every aspect will involve intellectual property rights, so researchers and professors should be ready to protect intellectual property rights.

She attended and addressed a Seminar on  “Intellectual Property Rights  for commercialization in  Horticulture  in Telangana State” jointly organized by Telangana State Council of Science and Technology, Govt.of Telangana and  Horticultural University- Intellectual Property Rights cell in  the university premises at Mulugu on September 8, Friday.

Dr Neeraja said that in the context of globalization, intellectual property rights are very important in the horticulture sector, and intellectual property rights should be planned  to bring benefits to farmers and geographical identification for  Horticultural crops  in Telangana state. She said that surveys and researches are being conducted on many eligible horticultural crops and statistics are being collected and soon they will apply for Geographical Indication Registration.

VC Dr Neeraja called upon students to prepare for registration immediately if there is an opportunity to protect the intellectual property rights in the research undertaken by the students.


“Higher prices for farmers”

Eminent advocate, Resolute for IP, legal head Subhajit Saha said that farmers are getting 20 to 30% higher price through geographical Indication recognized products. He delivered a keynote lecture on Geographical Indications and Copyrights in Horticultural Crops in the seminar.

Speaking later, he said that  producers of geographical indication  crops should definitely print that logo on their products and focus on exports. He said that besides saving the number of hand painters who are decreasing day by day, everyone should definitely buy those products and encourage them. The state of Telangana has plenty of products eligible for intellectual property rights, Saha said.

Telangana State Council for Science and Technology Patent agent, Dr. Radhika Vangala said that if there is an inventive step, novelty  and industrial application, from pencil to spaceship, it can be recognized as a patent. What is a patent? What are the minimum qualifications required to be recognized as a patent? She lectured on patenting process and how to protect the patent after getting it. She said that many people do not know that their research has the potential for patent recognition.

University Dean of Horticulture Dr. Adapa Kiran Kumar said that the number of intellectual property rights is a measure of an organization’s performance. PG Dean Dr. M Rajasekhar, University Intellectual Property Rights Cell, Nodal Officer Dr. Pidigam Saidiah, PG College Associate Dean Dr. Lakshminarayana, professors, researchers and students participated in the seminar.


Rama Krishna Sangem

Ramakrishna chief editor of excel India online magazine and website

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