@ 74 King Charles III crowned, continues 1,200 yrs British monarchy

King Charles III

Rama Krishna Sangem

At the ripe age of 74 King Charles III was crowned as British monarch, that has a checkered  history of 1,200 years. King is the head of United Kingdom, through a council of ministers led by Prime Minister actually runs government and rules the country. UK’s governance is carried in the name of the King (or Queen) and the PM and his team of ministers are appointed by the monarch.

India adopted this model, by making President as our Constitutional head, though actual governance is carried by a council of ministers led by Prime Minister. Interestingly, when Britain first adopted Parliamentary democracy, it was Parliament that was mentioned as supreme power of governance. But, over the years, it is Prime Ministers who became powerful.


King Charles III crowned at 12 noon, on May 6, Saturday.

In an elaborate ceremony enveloped by pomp and culture, King Charles coronation was attended by scores of global leaders including US first lady Jill Biden and Indian Vice President Jagdeep Dhankar, among others. The priests of Westminster Abbe conducted the rituals, which included handing over a specter, a cross and royal robes to Charles III, o make him the King. He actually ascended to the throne on September 8, 2022, after his mother Queen Elizabeth died.

With  this, his wife, Camilla becomes queen of the country, holding all titular honors. Charles sons William and Harry and their families were present on the occasion that went on for over four hours. Offering of sacred olive oil and placing the 600 years old crown on his head marked Charles coronation, after which he took the chair of King Edward, of 1,300 AD.

Chants of “God save the King” rented the air, as around 2,000 guests who were invited to the ceremony greeted. The entire coronation ceremony is based on three oaths – an oath to the Protestant Church, an oath to people of Britain and an oath to protect and administer justice, a divine duty bestowed on the King.  An estimated  100 million British pounds (around Rs 1,000 crore in Indian currency) spent on the coronation event..


Britain, Real Oldest Democracy

Generally we call America as the oldest democracy, as it obtained independence from British in 17776. But the actual systems of democracy have been discovered or practiced by Britain in 1,215 AD.  On June 15 of that year, King John signed an agreement – Magna Carta – meaning mega charter, with a select barons, like our landlords that he will abide by their advice, for laying taxes or other measures. These barons are the first Parliament of Britain.

Of course, the British monarch took several turns and twists and evolved over the years. Starting as small warlords of Anglo Saxon origins, in 955 AD, many dynasties ruled first England, then Britain, Great Britain and now United Kingdom over the centuries. The bloodline of ancestors of King Charles III, date back to 1707. Even after losing all original powers, British monarchy is preserved as soft power of UK for its long historical existence.




Rama Krishna Sangem

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