Avatar 2: To set new records

Avatar The Way Of Water

Rama Krishna Sangem

“Avatar-2: The Way of Water”, James Cameron’s new movie that will be released globally on December 16, 2022Friday is sure to set new records at the box office. According to trade analysts, the film made at a budget of around 250 million US dollars (around Rs 1,931 crore) is to collect not less than Rs 24,000 crore. This will surpass Avatar 1, which hit the screens in 2009,  collections of Rs 21,000 crore (2.84 billion dollars). It was made at 240 million dollars.

Besides the business aspect, the film will set the revival of Hollywood in the post-Covid era. The 67 year-old James Cameron’s 5 part Avatar movie franchise will be powered by this second part. The film maker has announced a total budget of 1 billion US dollars for the entire for the next 4 parts. The second part – The Way of Water – was to be released two years ago, in 2020, but for the Covid pandemic. Its release was delayed 8 times in the last two years.

Avatar, the name is inspired by Indian mythology, meaning incarnation; suggests the future progression of human race or humanity. Set on an imaginary moon – Pandora – of a gas giant planet in Alpha Centauri star system in the universe, this epic scientific fiction film deals how human want to colonize a moon of a planet while the natives fight out to protect it. Of course, the family values and human emotions and exotic graphics take us into a new universe.

The movie tease trailer of 1.38 minutes released on May 8 got more than 250 million views in the next two days, and counting. “Avatar 2: The Way of Water” is produced and distributed by the 20th Century Studios. James Cameron’s Lightstorm Entertainment, an independent production company, too is involved in the movie making. A major part of the budget went into world class CGI (computer generated imagery or visual effects), especially for the underwater of the moon.

All the stars of the first  Avatar will be there. Sam Worthington (Jack Sully), Zoe Saladafia (Neytiri), Sigourney Weaver, Stephen Long, Kate Winslet, Vin Diesel and Cliff Curtis will entertain us.  Story and screenplay is by James Cameron, while Russel Carpenter handled cinematography, music by Simon Franglen and editing by David Brenner, James Cameron, John Refoua and Stephen E Rivkin.

Releasing the first teaser trailer 7 months before the film hitting screens is a bold and smart move by James Cameron. Some more teasers are expected from him in the coming months. 

From now on, every alternate December will see release of an Avatar part for the next six years, till 2028. Third part in 2024, fourth in 2026, and the fifth one in 2028. A treat for every Chirstmas!



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