China steps in to mediate on Ukraine war

Xi Jinping

Rama Krishna Sangem

After brokering a peace deal between Iran and Saudi Arabia, China stepped into mediate between warring Russia and Ukraine. For the first time after Russia invaded Ukraine on January 24, 2022, Chinese president Xi Jinping spoke to Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelenskyy two days ago and offered to negotiate to end the vexatious war in the region.

The peace process will obviously be based on the 12 point formula prepared by China two months ago. When the formula was shared by China, Ukraine leadership in Kyviv has rejected it saying that it was in favour of invading Russia. There was no further progress on this since then. At one time, it appeared India is likely to take initiative to end the war in its capacity as the leader of G-20 countries this year.

But, there is no such move by India, though PM Modi told Russian president Vladimir Putin last year that this is not an era of war. Zelenskyy and members of his administration have made proposals to India to take some lead to end the war, but somehow, India refrained from it. Either because, Indian thought that the time is not ripe enough for such a move or its futility in the given circumstances. We should not forget, India is still acceptable both the rivals.


China’s 12 point formula

Zelenskyy out rightly rejected the 12 point formula, because it suggests for immediate cease fire (Point 3). That means, both the sides should stop attacking each other and their armies should stay at the positions, as it is. This also means, Ukraine will have to adjust for Russian forces staying on their soil and lose right to reclaim them immediately. Ukraine thinks, the best way to get back their occupied territories is to fight back. Even the US thinks so.

This is the formula: 1, Respecting sovereignty of all countries, 2, Abandoning civil war mentality, 3, Ceasing hostilities, 4, Resuming peace talks, 5, Resolving humanitarian crises, 6, Protecting civilians and war prisoners,7, Keeping nuclear plants safe, 8, Reducing strategic risks, 9, Facilitating food grains exports, 10,Stopping unilateral sanctions, 11, Keeping industrial and supply chains static and 12, Promoting post-war reconstruction.

Rama Krishna Sangem

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