Ex MP Santosh captures an Owl this Sunday


Rama Krishna Sangem

Former BRS Rajya Sabha MP & GIC  leader J Santosh Kumar this Sunday, May 19, captured in his camera an Owl, or to be precise, a spotted owlet.  The Green India challenge (GIC)  founder activist has been clicking uncommon birds every weekend for the bird lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. This owlet is an interesting bird of them all, deserving some attention from nature lovers.

Santosh’s post on X in the morning got by evening around 3,200 views and 160 plus likes. Rarely we do find an owl sitting in front of us on a tree branch during the day time. Because, owls are generally nocturnal birds – as they can see and move around better in nights. Good camera work on the part of Santosh! Location is not specified, but these owls, or as a commentator Heeresh Dubey pointed out, spotted owlets are aplenty in and around Hyderabad.

Normally, owls are of not less than 200 kinds in the world. Mostly they are seen in tropical regions like India. If this bird is of 39 inches or or more, they are called  owls, otherwise, smaller ones below 7-8 inches in size are called owlets. These spotted ones of owlets look just like cats in grey hues. Not only that, like cats, they too love rates for their food. As owls prefer rats for food, their night vision suits them.


Members of parliament!

Have you seen CS Lewis’s classic novel based movie series –  Chronicles of Narnia? In that, Lewis mentions the meeting of a group of owls as Parliament. So, a single Owl, can also be called a member of parliament (MP)?  Just joking. Owls are closer to us, humans. Both positively, negatively.  In our culture space, owls occupy significance. Their shrill sounds are depicted as bad omen in literature, a warning of something bad.

There is plenty of interesting info about owls. An owl can turn its head 270 degrees, without breaking its neck. This is because, they can pump enough blood into their heads rotate. Owls are very possessive of their eggs or their new born. They turn violent if someone goes nearer them. There are instances of people getting hurt in owl attacks. Of course, these small owlets maybe harmless.

We must encourage our children to take up projects on owls family.

Rama Krishna Sangem

Ramakrishna chief editor of excel India online magazine and website

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