India’s gigantic step on Moon

Chandrayaan 3 lands on Moon

Rama Krishna Sangem

This is India’s moment of glory! Moon shone brilliantly as India’s Chandrayaan mission gently, but gigantically stepped on its surface, after years’ of waiting, on August 23, Wednesday at exactly 6.06 pm. This touchdown of Vikran lander on the moon surface was watched by millions live from ISRO’s mission control centre, Bangalore. As the touchdown happened on dot time, all ISRO scientists clapped and cheered the moment.

This day and time will forever be remembered in Indian history. Close to a billion and a half Indians across the world and billions of others on the planet Earth cheered as Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)’s Pragyaan rover rolled out of Vikran lander that was carried to the Moon by Chandrayaan 3.

This is a dream come to true moment for not just for scientific community, technocrats and academicians, but for students, youth, women, farmers, and who’s not? This soft landing of Vikram at the anticipated and planned time has proved India’s prowess on space science and put our country on par with three other super powers in this sector – The US, erstwhile Soviet Union and China. Now India joined this elite club.

Chandrayaan’-3 success is all the more special for India as very recent Russia’s Luna 25 crashed on the Moon’s surface a couple of days before. All the major countries in the world eagerly waited for Chandrayaan- 3’s trajectory and the final result. As Chandrayaan 3 touched down on south pole of Moon, which so far has never been explored by any other country, a lot of interest is generated in Pragyaan’s research in next 14 days.


PM Modi applauds Chandrayaan 3 success

PM Narendra Modi who watched the final touchdown moments of Chandrayaan 3 from Johannesburg in South Africa where he attended BRICS summit applauded the success of the Moon mission and complimented the ISRO and scientist community/ “India s on the Moon,” exclaimed Modi, who waved triclour as he watched the live on TV giant screen. ISRO director Somnath and his team of scientists too were on the Moon with joy and jubilation.


MP  Santosh cheers Chandrayaan 3 Moon landing 

BRS MP J Santosh Kumar congratulated ISRO director Somnath and his entire team for making India proud today. In a tweet, Santosh said: “An incredible and momentous occasion in India’s and @ISRO’s history! #S_somnath ji, the confidence you have shown during hte meeting with the parliamentary committee for science and technology after the pragyaan rover’s departure the moon has become reality”.

“Huge congrats to you and the entire Mission Chandrayaan -3 team for the successfull soft landing, India beams with pride!” said the MP, who is also a member of parliamentary committee.



Rama Krishna Sangem

Ramakrishna chief editor of excel India online magazine and website

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