Why no OBC Chief Ministers from Telugu states?

Chiranjeevulu IAS

T Chiranjeevulu, IAS (Retd)


Elections heat has caught up in the country. 18th Lok Sabha  elections are going to be held in the  month of April/May 2024. In one Telugu state assembly elections are already  over and in another state  likely to held in April/May 24.  Which ever the Telugu  state it might be, C.M s are invariably from two or three forward castes only

As  per Mandal commission  Report ,OBCs  are  52% of the total population but  their representation in Governance/Law making bodies    is very negligible.  OBCs   did not get Reservation in Employment under Central Govt jobs  till 1993  though Mandal Commission recommended  it in 1980. Reservations in   Central govt   educational institutions were become true in 2006 only by 96 th Amendment to the constitution .There are no  political reservations in legislative bodies for OBCs as in the case of SC/STs. Because of lack of political reservations their presence in law making bodies became nominal.

There are no Chie Ministers from OBC communities even after 76 years of independence.Today in the country   almost all states  had seen  OBC CM  except A.P. and Telangana.  As of now   in 7 major states there   are  OBC CMS .   ( 1. U.P. 2 .MP. 3. Tamilnadu.4.Karnatka.5. Kerala.  6. Maharashtra .7 .Bihar)


Backdrop & case composition

So far 16  times Elections  were held to State Assembly   in Telangana region  during the last 76 years .

The Caste and Seat Matrix as follows:

Source –Election records and various journals. Made as accurate as possible.

There were 16 C.Ms in Combined state of A.P .  OUT of which 9 were  from Reddis, 3 from Kammas ,1fromVelamas ,1fromBrahmins,1 from Vysyas, 1 from S.C.

In Erstwhile Hyderabad state   1 brahmin   and in  present Telangana state 1Reddi and 1 velama.

In present A.P 1 kamma,1 Reddy., Unfortunately not a single C.M. from OBCs.

The   reasons for OBC s not becoming  Chief ministers in Telangana  state  are many . But a few of them are

  1. Very poor representation of OBC MLAs in the Assembly as evidenced by above  table. Hence became voiceless for pressing their demand for Chief Minister ship post
  2. Lack of unity and OBC conscuiosness among OBCs. There are 136 Castes in O.BCs. in Telangana.  Most of these   castes are in abject  poverty , hand to mouth , politics is a big dream for them.  Majority   of these castes have not sent a single member to  Assembly  so far . Because of heterogeneity, high illiteracy rate, abject poverty, different socio-economic backgrounds , OBCs  are not united and left behind in all fields . Though some  OBC leaders started their own  political  parties  they could not make any impact and  survived for a longer period because of lack of this conscuiosness. There are few  other reasons   which have also  acted against development of   OBC conscuiosness and unity in the state.

A). Historical  reasons.  In Nizam state BCs , SCs,,STs were most oppressed, depressed  and suppressed people. They were exploited ruthlessly in all forms   and    lived in subhuman conditions. People revolted against this injustices ,took to arms, waged war against Nizam under  the aegis  of Communist party  from 1944 to 1948  ultimately liberating Hyderabad State and  merging it  with Indian union in 1948 on Sep 17 th.  Communists have focused more on   Class struggle   rather  than eradication of  Caste   in equalities. Most of their leadership was   also   came from forward castes only. Leadership was not transferred to weaker sections.OBCs became their followers only.

  1. Regionalism- AndhraPradesh state was formed in 1956 on linguistic basis by merging Telangana region with erstwhile Andhra state .The Telangana people were not happy with this merger and   started agitation against combined state. This agitation was led by  upper caste people  and OBCs  energies and mindsets were diverted to   regionalism, instead of focusing on their upliftment   and unity .
  2. Lack of Dravidian type movements in Telugu states.  Tamilnadu has glorius Dravidian  movements Leaders like E.V.Naicker popularily known as  Periyar  , C.Annadurai ,P.Theagaraya Chetty started  this  movements for the  self respect  of depressed class people . In Telugu states no such Dravidian movements to liberate the    depressed classes   and unite them.  Tamilnadu is having 69% reservation both  in Govt jobs  and education and produced many OBC C.Ms because of this movements.
  3. D) Absence of Socialistic movements- Under the influence of Socialists like Jaya Prakash Narayana, Ram Manohar Lohia  , in states like Bihar,U.P , OBCs  emerged as important leaders   and became Chief Ministers(Karpuri Thakuri n Bihar) and regional parties came in to existence under OBC    Kansi Ram became mass leader for Daliths   and Mulayam Singh Yadhav and Laloo Prasad Yadhav  for  OBC  Communities. Demand for implementation of Mandal commission report  gathered momentum and  became true  on account of these people pressure only.
  4. Formation of Telugu Desham Party. In 1982 Telugu Desham party was formed with an aim of self respect for Telugu people and came in to power in 1983. Many OBC communities joined the party but again OBCs were  not given due representation.

F .  Rise of Naxalism and Maosim- On account of failure of implementation of Land reforms, failure of first separate Telangan state movement during   1965 to  1969 , severe unemployment ,frustration among the people for their deprivations and no change in their lives , gave  birth to  this movement. From early 1980s  up to 2010,many of the youth from SC/ST/OBC  joined  this movement and laid their lives but it has not resulted  in  any transfer of Power to Weaker sections  State  could suppress this movement with iron hand and again OBC cause became setback.

  1. Separarte State movement.- From 2001 onwards ,separate state movement came with renewed strength and spirit by participation of all sections  (Sakala janulu) of the society . Many OBC   youth sacrificed their lives (Sri kanta Chary, Nalla Parandhamulu etc)  etc  with a  hope  that their lives will transform in  new state and justice social,economical,political will become reality.  Though Separate State was  formed in 2014   a decade ago ,  their hopes  are belied and they are disillusioned once again
  2. Long rule of regional parties- Emergence of regional parties particularily T.D.P  and B.R.S. under the leadership of forward caste people and their  long rule   acted against the interests of OBC C.M. The regional party   T.D.P   ruled from 1983 to 1989 and 1994 to 2004  (total 16 years and B.R.S from 2014 to 2024 (total 10 years).Since these are family led parties ,other person by passing  family members  becoming chief minister is beyond imagination. B.C leaders for their own survival supported these parties..
  3. Rise of 3 M s – From 1990 onwards role of Money, Muscle and Media has grown of substantially and became sina quo non for winning the elections. OBCs who are not having these became more vulnerable and fast loosing their  percentage of  seats . Even Brahmins, once a   politically   dominant  community  now pushed to bottom on account of lack of these 3 M s .
  4. Apathy of National party – The number of MP s from OBC communities in Parliament  is very few. Hence all national parties are showing lukewarm approach to OBCs. Indian National  Congress which ruled the  Combined state of A.P state for about 50 years had ample opportunity to make OBC as  C.M. They made a S.C. as C.M but not O.B.C.  There are many stalwart OBC leaders were there at that time   like Konda Laxman Bapuji ,P.Siva shanker, G.Rajaram, Sardar Gouthu Lacchanna  ,Mallikarjun Goud  and many more who were cent percent qualifies  to become Chief Ministers.

The same is true with  present Andhra Pradesh state   except Armed Struggle against the Nizam, separate  Telangana state movements. In combined state of A.P. OBC communities have experienced similar socio, economic ,political  conditions  and forward castes domination. In  A.P. region also representation from OBC castes Is also quite meagre . Hence No C.M.s from this  area also  inspite of having prominent OBC leaders


Remedial measures needed

In view of the above it  is crystal clear that remedial measures have to be taken up at once to  fulfill the constitutional obligation  of delivering Justice-  Social, Economical ,Political  to this oppressed castes majority people  and also  for creation of equitable, inclusive society.

First GOI to  conduct OBC caste census  on par with  SC/STs duly making separate law so as to stand up to   judicial scrutiny  and shall  provide   reservations in legislative bodies  as per their population or as  per the judicial pronouncements.  Dr  Baba Saheb Ambedkar  once said political power is the Master  key for the  development of Bahujanas .  It is their legitimate   right to participate in the governance of this country to rewrite   their own destiny.

In Telangana   during the last 76 years witnessed many peoples   movements   one after   another with   the gap of 10 to 15 years.  The Telangana   mass psyche could not keep quiet when there are injustice in the society. So far   many I ssues  resolved through these agitations. Now the issue is social justice to OBCs is pending. Time is now ripe for all OBC s to unite and   fight   for   their just share in political, economical, employment and educational fields.

OBCs in Telangana /A.P   should not hesitate to form their own political Parties  by taking inspiration from other   states   like Bihar, U.P, and Tamilnadu. They should unite and build the OBC consciousness   among the masses  so as to become   a decisive force ,then only they will  become  chief ministers of the state.  They should leave their subservient   mentality ,  participate in politics actively and  aggressively  so as  capture of  the power. Then only the dream of Vikasit  Bharat   becomes true and democracy flourishes in this country.

( T Chiranjeevulu, IAS (Retired) is a socio-political commentator. He lives in Hyderabad, Telangana)


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