“Separate Act is not needed for BC census”: T Chiranjeevulu, IAS (Retd)

Chiranjeevulu IAS

T Chiranjeevulu, IAS (Retired) 

At the outset I would like to congratulate the Telangana State government for making a statement of their intention to conduct BC Caste census in the Telangana State which is a long pending demand of B.C. Communities. It is a historical decision. During the last 76 years ,B.C s occupations/livelihoods have been completely ruined and their living conditions became precarious.

They became most backward in educational, economical, political and all fields. Their cultural heritage and foundations are also shaken. Though In Constitution of India ,there is no specific provision for how to identify B.Cs and it left out to Central Government to appoint B.C. Commissions under article 340 ,who in turn devise the criteria for identification of B.C. Communities.

Accordingly Kaka Kalekar and Mandal commissions were appointed and they devised the criteria for identifying B.C. Communities. Mandal commission 1980 estimated O.B.C population in India at 52% and recommended 27 % reservation for O.B.Cs. in central government jobs and educational institutions which are implemented in 1991. But still that 27% mark is not reached either in employment or in education. Majority population is still carving for their rightful share in Governance.

In India last caste census was conducted during the British period in 1931 and in our Hyderabad Dominion also it was conducted in 1931. Recently Bihar Govt conducted Caste census and presently A.P. Govt is conducting. .Odissa and few others states also announced Caste Census. It is a n historical necessity to put an end to age old exploitation and becomes a platform for OBC people to unite , demand and fight for their legitimate share.


What are the benefits of Caste Census/Survey?


1. India is a Caste based society. With accurate data on the population of OBCs and other groups, Government can        have targeted approach on most backward and hitherto neglected communities. Appropriate policy decisions can be  designed and affirmative action programmes can be taken up to uplift m marrginalized communities

2. It will enable inclusive growth and equitable distribution of resources.

3.It will provide more accurate picture of the social and economic disparities across the different caste groups, and exposes vulnerability of these communities. 4. It will help in nation building by securing equal opportunities to all and instills confidence among the hitherto neglected people, gives them voice and enable them fight for their legitimate share and rights.

4. Fulfills the Constitutional mandate of Social Justice , Equity,Inclusiveness and Growth with Sustainability. It will empower the Central/State Governments to fight legal cases effectively dealing with the cases meant for development and welfare of OBCs.

5. It will correct the anomalies kept in our social system by correcting it and enables OBC majority people live in peace with dignity and decorum.

How to conduct Census/Survey- Procedures to be adopted.

Census/Survey may be conducted in two phases. During the first phase house listing operations can be done as done in Census operations so as to collect information on all the households irrespective of castes/religions etc During this phase head of the family and other details will be collected.

During the 2nd phase, a suitable format to be convassed to cover all the important points on social, educational, employment and economical conditions including land holding details.Suitable Software programmes can be developed by using I. T and modern technologies.

The State Government is authorized to collect information under The Collection of Statstics Act 2008(Central act no 7 of 2009) published on7 th Jan 2009 and right to disclose certain information under section 11 for cetain bonafide purposes. Govt in B.C. dept can act as a nodal dept to conduct these Census/ survey operations.

Suitable Budget shall be allocated for conducting Survey/Census operations.

Appropriate trainings can be given to enumerators for collecting data correctly and scientifically

Time bound programme to be chalked out to avoid delays Information technology can be used effectively for conducting enumeration and data compilation. A committee shall be constituted with all stake holders for effective participation of all concerned. Migrant people can be covered from their respective locations only by using mobile devices and Aadhar authentication.

Adequate publicity to be given so as to mobilise all the stake holders. Necessary Legal protection to given for  survey/Census.Legal teams to be constituted to fight legal challenges if any

Experinces of A.P , Bihar, Karnataka can be used effectivly for designing our Survey.

Presently In Telangana State , there are 130 OBC castes which are divided in to five sub categories, A,B,C,D,E. They are given 29% reservation including E category 4%, both In Education and Employment. Un officially their population ranges between 55 to 60% . Now the objective is to accurately eneumarate their population and their socio,economic ,educational backwardness vis a vis other communities and design suitableprogrammes/ policies for their upliftment and empowerment.

I hope definitely in coming days it is going to pave a way for empowerment of OBCs and establishjment of an equitable society as per our constitutional ambitions.

There is equality only among equals. To equate unequals is to perpetuate inequality”says  a Mandal Commission quote


(T Chiranjeevulu is an IAS (Retired) officer and commentator on social and political issues)

Rama Krishna Sangem

Ramakrishna chief editor of excel India online magazine and website

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