Santosh aims at spider’s web this Sunday


Rama Krishna Sangem

BRS Rajya Sabha MP Santosh Kumar J focused his camera lens at a spider web this Sunday, September 10. This is a departure from his focus on birds for the last several months. As part of his#WeeklyDoseofPhotography, the MP has been posting on X photos of nature – birds, animals and wildlife.  #SpiderwebSnap, #UnexpectedBeauty, #Nature’sDevineDesign, are the hashtags, he gave them this week.

“Switching up the Sunday scenery this week, with an extraordinary artisan from nature’s gallery, it wasn’t a feathered friend but a crafty arachnid that caught my eye in Vikarabad forest. I found myself entrapped by the intricate beauty of  the eight legged weaver’s woven palace – a true marvel of nature,” tweeted Santosh. What? By 2 pm, this post got 7,675 views, 217 likes and 44 reposts.


Simply spiders

The green hue of the pictures he posted reflect the real harmony of the spider and its web with the nature and its green surroundings of Vikarabad forest. We too can see many spiders in our homes, offices (really?) and any dilapidated buildings or bushes, but lack of time leave us little chance to appreciate the spider’s intricate work of weaving. How many of us really allow the spiders to go on with their work? Not many.

Spiders are man’s obsession from time immemorial. These arthropods – not exactly for a definition – have their own life and lifestyle, amidst us. There are over 55,000 kinds of spiders from about 150 families and thousands of sub-species. Some are called insects while other just bugs. But, spiders have their won way of living and thriving. More than the spiders, it is their patiently woven webs that enthrall us mostly.

Our own famous Internet web is derived from spider’s webs. Perhaps no other living being works so patiently, diligently  and carefully for its survival, like spiders. They travel like bullet trains on the thin threads woven by them, from one corner to the other. Have we learnt from them how to make our metro? Finally, it is the time to conserve them – our own spiders – to safeguard our priceless nature.

Good that Santosh has diversified his camera interests to spiders! And good camera work!

Rama Krishna Sangem

Ramakrishna chief editor of excel India online magazine and website

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